In the Middle of Living

Do you live as I do, somewhere between this person plugging along in her life, doing her best to survive the blows of life and…

Mind, Meaning and Muscle

Here we are, attempting to live in three personal worlds at once—head, heart and body—as we do our best to digest the irruptions in the…

Reduced or Realigned?

Right now life is reduced to the essentials: to caring for loved ones, finding food, getting exercise without being with other people, staying well, celebrating…

Who Is Patty?

Like you she is both an ‘I’ and a ‘me.’ And strangely enough, although they live together they don’t often pay attention to each other.

Images from the Unconscious

At one of my first all-day workshops at the Jung Foundation I met Edith Wallace, who had trained with C.G. and Emma Jung in Zurich. She said each of us carries a personal myth and invited us to spend the morning looking for our own story and writing it down.